McGrath Housing & Care


Our History

The Project (originally The AIDS Fund) was founded by Fr Paddy McGrath OP in 1987. As chaplain to Baggot Street Hospital, he was aware of clients at a needle-exchange program who were visibly destitute. When a survey disclosed that a high proportion of persons in the later stages of AIDS-related illness were homeless, the Fund, under a new board of management, undertook a new role from 1994 in providing housing and care-support for them. The original premises were provided by the Dominican Order. Funding is now entirely from statutory sources.

Improved medication has dramatically improved life expectancy for our residents since the time of our foundation. At the same time, substance trends are frequently changing, and have become more hazardous. Immigration has also been an increasing factor. Our history leads us to expect increasing vulnerabilities and more complex care needs among our residents.

Initially six residents were housed in Dominick Place and Temple Court until, in 1998 a further 10 purpose-built apartments were developed on a site at 9/9A Granby Lane. This was followed in 2009 by the completion of an additional 15 apartments in Talbot House, opposite our existing Granby Lane building. The residents in Dominick Place were moved to this new building. The Project currently comprises 34 residents’ apartments and 4 project workers.