About Us

Under the “New Configuration of Homeless Services” The Paddy McGrath Housing Project has been recognised as providing a Care and Support Intensity Level of Category 4 – Medium Care & Support.

Care is provided by 5 full-time Staff at the Project - a Co-ordinator of Care and 4 Care Facilitators.

What we do

Initially six Residents were housed in Dominick Place and Temple Court until, in 1998 a further 10 purpose-built apartments were developed on a site at 9/9A Granby Lane. This was followed in 2009 by the completion of an additional 15 apartments in Talbot House, opposite our existing Granby Lane building. The residents in Dominick Place were moved to this new building. The Project currently comprises 24 Residents apartments, plus 2 Carers' apartments, one in each building.

These buildings were financed by Capital Assistance Grants, Lottery Funding, a grant from the Department of Health and Children, together with substantial fund-raising. The building of Talbot House involved expenditure of over €1.2 million of our own funds.

The provision of accommodation is an integral part of the Project. It not only provides for the physical needs of the Residents, but it gives them a sense of security and restores their dignity. In many cases this gives them the confidence to reach out to family and friends from whom they may have been estranged for many years, and thus opens the way to reconciliation and renewed relationships